The Mysteries of the Cards...

Playing cards are one of the most globally recognized symbols in existence. Virtually every home has a deck. In medieval times, when paper was widely used for the first time, the original playing cards were developed as a way of safeguarding an even more ancient system. This system dated back to ancient Egypt and the Far East, and was in danger of being destroyed. Therefore the Masters at the time "hid" the information that's concealed in a common deck of cards. Little has changed over the years.

The Cards of Illumination™ system is based on Olney H. Richmond's Mystic Test Book, originally published in 1893. The elegance of its mathematical precision is evident in the fact that the data is contained in 52 cards, which corresponds to the number of weeks in a year: 12 royal cards, the number of months in a year; and the 4 suits, the number of seasons, the four astrological elements (fire, earth, air and water) as well as the weeks in a month; if you add each card in a deck it totals 365, the number of days in a year.

Your birth Card is the most important symbol of your uniqueness. The cards are a key to understanding yourself, as well as your life and your relationships whether romantic or professional.

The Precision and Organization

The Cards of Illumination™ system is mathematical, but relatively simple to learn. The data is contained in:
• 52 cards, which correspond to the number of weeks in a year
• 12 royal cards, the number of months in a year
• 4 suits, the number of seasons, the four elements (fire, earth, air and water) as well as the weeks in a month.

Everyone is represented by one of the cards in the deck which is determined by your birth date. The Birth Card, which is similar to a zodiac sign, is the most important symbol of who we are and represents our individualism and significance.

How are the birth dates distributed?

HEARTS 52 Birth dates
CLUBS 133 Birth dates
DIAMONDS 131 Birth dates
SPADES 49 Birth dates
JOKER 1 Birth date

There are many theories as to why the birth dates are distributed this way. What do you think?

What do the Four Suits Represent?

Hearts - are concerned with understanding life through relationships. People are most important in their life. Love, family, creativity, emotions and youth are key heart words.

Clubs - are concerned with understanding life through communication. Seeking information through mental processes is their quest. Knowledge, logic, mental intuition and education are key club words.

Diamonds - are concerned with understanding life through values. Acquiring worth, both material and immaterial are essential. Systems, evaluation, financial matters and business are key diamond words.

Spades - are concerned with understanding life through work. Transformation occurs when there is a balance with career and spirituality. Labor, health, wisdom and intuition are key spade words.

What do the Numbers Mean?

By combining the suit with the birth card number, you can obtain a sense of the basic purpose of your birth card.


You are a leader, an initiator and a person with strong passions for those traits represented by your suit. You can be a loner, are often inpatient and have a pioneering spirit.


Relationships and cooperation are essential to your soul. You need others to help you feel complete and balanced. You understand duality, can be fearful and are good net workers.


You are extremely creative and express yourself best through the suit of your card. You dislike routine love variety, short trips and dance. You can be indecisive and changeable at times.


You are solid, protected and grounded. You create a certain amount of contentment and satisfaction in your life, especially related to your suit. You are strong, fixed, stubborn and lucky.


You are a restless person and have grown to embrace changes. You enjoy travel and may have trouble sinking roots or making commitments. Movement and flexibility are key.


You like things to basically remain as they are. You are not easily swayed. You are both very responsible and mission orientated or lazy and in a rut. What you give is what you get.


Spiritual, skeptical and analytical. Releasing and letting go of matters from the past creates balance. Faith, hope and trust work through the fear. A different perspective is needed to work through obstacles.


A power number, to be used for the good of all. Not to be misused by bullying, addictions, or control and manipulation. You work best in groups. Eights have the power to overcome any obstacles.


Endings and completions are the name of the game. The giver is ready to give back to the universe. Nines are energetic. Frustration and disappointment show where the resistance is. Surrender and it is all yours.


First of the double digits, man and God working together. Best when surrounded by many. Recognition oriented, you like to shine. Tens have the ability to surpass obstacles and overcome.


You are royal, do well in charge and love to be playful. Inspiring others and being inspired is the focus for Jacks. You are inventive and creative. Immaturity and trivia need watching.


Service, intuition and nurturing are star qualities for queens. Being a royal you must rule the roost and do well in positions of authority. Order, details and form are important. Watch for bossiness.


Masterful as leaders, control is usually an issue. Masculine energy. You are the master of your suit. Powerful, royal and love to take charge. The crown that you wear often is heavy.

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