Pivotal Years

Ages 44/45 - "The Opportunity of A Lifetime"

  • Age 44: This rebirth year often presents itself as a 'mid-life' crisis in one form or another. It is an opportunity to see where the cracks are in your foundation and what is needed for repair. This is a year to rid your life of past conditioning and programming.

  • Age 45: This is a continuation of the rebirth year and an opportunity of personal growth and expansion. What was discovered at age 44 is ready for sculpting. It is about getting down to work and creating the life that was meant for you to have. Rebirth!

Age 52 - "Lifetime Challenge turns into a gift"

  • Debris is cleared and an opportunity for flowering is present. What was the greatest challenge in life now has the opportunity to become the greatest gift.

Lifetime challenges listed in table below:

Pinnacle Years - "A Departure from the Past"

The Pinnacle year is a limelight year. The spotlight is on! This occurs in this card system every 45 years for all but eight cards. When one is at the top or pinnacle of a mountain often the view is extraordinarily clear. Because of that "vision," we are able to see clearly, something, someone, some place that turns our life in another direction. The alteration is often life altering. There are eight cards* that never rotate to the top of the chart. They have an opportunity to have their own 'pinnacle year' any year!

Pinnacle years listed in table below:

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