The Cards of Illumination System is based on a system that goes back to ancient times and is the true purpose of a deck of cards. A 52 card deck elegantly reflects with mathematical precision, our present day calendar; the number of weeks in a year, 12 royal cards and months, the four suits, four seasons, the four astrological elements (fire, earth, air and water) and weeks in a month. If you add all the cards in the deck, they add up to 365 (days in a year).

Everyone in the world is represented by one of the cards in a deck. Through our Birth Card our lives are revealed; trials and limitations, gifts and opportunities, inclinations, talents, hidden strengths and much more. All cards have both challenges and blessings in a lifetime. No one card is superior to any other. Debbie's mission is to "spread the word" and lighten the way for others. Her tool is the cards.

By understanding the language of the cards we can make choices that enrich our lives. If we were given but a single word to define the purpose of this system, we would choose 'illumination'.

If you would be interested in a private reading, please contact Debbie Crick directly and tell her you were directed to her through this website. Click here to email her.

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